When to start with the nutes?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Baron, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I just got my seed germinated, and its sitting under 2 26w Cool White CFL's for now, until i turn on my HPS light. I have looked around and cant find where it says to start using nutes?

    I plan on using Grow Big from my local garden centre, i am not 100% sure on the brand, but i can find out. Should i just follow the schedule on the bottle?

    and if i read correctly im looking for a high P number correct? the 2nd number?

    Any help is appreciated... thank you
  2. up!
    it just developed its cotyledons
  3. i'm not entirely sure, but i dont think your supposed to be using nutes for atleast a month or so after it sprouts. if you do before hand, it'll prolly get nute burn
  4. Grow Big is from Foxfarms, good shit. During Veg you don't necessarily want the middle number (P) to be the biggest. The grow Big is good, you should feed after like 3 or 4 weeks from sprout. Also, what kind of soil are you using? If it's got fert in it, you may wanna A) switch, or B) wait to fert, or try to flush some of it out, they're too young for ferts.

    Goto Fox Farm's website, they have a feeding schedule, I think it's like 2 table spoons per gallon every other watering. But don't quote me.
  5. you should start feeding it alot less than the recommended amount of ferts and just work your way up slowly until u reach the recommended amount. this way your plant can adjust to the ferts instead of burning out
  6. I do believe it is fox farms

    i picked up pro-mix potting soil
    from what ive read, thats clean of nutes, and very good to use - its got perilite in it

    I will be working my way up, i will give it 2 more weeks then start with some LIGHT feeding

    thanx guys

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