?? when to start using Miracle Grow ??

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  1. this is my second attempt at this, so i'm still pretty unfamiliar with the whole process. my first attempt was ... BALLS :devious:

    question: how long do i need to wait/ how old should the lil one be before i can start adding nutrients (miracle grow) to the water?

    always wondering,

  2. Never add Miracle Grow. Its not the right mix of nutes for MJ. I'd recommend googling grow store or hydro store and picking from the nutes they have on hand. I'm using FF this year and Im happy. Its worth the money. A bottle of nutes cost as much as a 1/2 8th and you'll get more than that off each plant unless you mess up really bad.
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    Some people claim that miracle grow causes a bad taste to the smoke, not sure how true it is as this is my first time. I would stay away from any of the time released foods, as it creates a lack of control over nutrients and is the reason a lot of people seem to hate miracle grow.

    The general consensus on when to feed first seems to be anywhere from two weeks to a month after transplanting in to soil, or when the plant gets its second set of true five tip leaves. The soil has enough nutes to get them along until then, and you can cause nute burn if dosing too early, or too much at first. I am at the same spot on my first grow. I want to add nutes to get quicker growth, but I know these guys know what they are talking about so Im gonna wait. Learn to observe the plant, it will tell you when it needs attention.

    I tend to have a touch of ocd, and constantly want to be watering, or feeding or tinkering with my plants in some way. The truth is sometimes the best thing you can do is leave them alone. I've made mistakes of over nuting and over watering with my plants and veggies I have outdoors damn near killing them a few times, and dont want the same mistakes with my mj.

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