when to start to flower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by top secret, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. well my plant is about 3 feet tall and i topped it about 3 weeks ago and now it has second sets of shoots coming out i was wondering how much longer i should keep growing it befor flowering? i want ur opion. i am thinking about 2-4 weeks what would u do and then how long does it take from flowering to harvest? and just one more question. knowing the hight 3 feet tall and stuff do u think i will get at least an ounce if its female?
  2. how tall is the plant now?....i usually trigger flowering at approx 12-18", but it depends how much growspace you have as it will double and triple in height when ready for harvest......as for flowering to harvest, what strain is it?.....Peace out......Sid
  3. 3 feet tall? hmm sure you could flower now, it'll double in space by the time it is done, not sure about an ounce but you'll get a nice yeild all depends on lighting and such, not all about height.

    so by the time ur done, if u start flowering immediatly u'll have a 5-6 foot plant...should be some nice bud
  4. Its 3 feet tall and still vegging!
    From what little ive seen and heard in this forum, i thought most people start flowering
    between 12"-20" tall,that is gonna be 1 big plant,
    Whats your set-up like?

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