When to start nutrients when using FFOF.

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  1. Just wondering when I can start using nutrients on my bigger seedling. I plan to start real small so i get no burn, i just wanna play it safe tho. So would I be good now or should I wait?
  2. O yeah and my nutrient is botanicare pure blend pro grow, and i also got some grandmas mollasis. Neptunes harvest Fish fertilizer is coming in the mail any day too. Anyone?
  3. Looks like a marshydro light! How far along is the biggest one?

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  4. 17 days from sprout. Had a bad transplate but bounced back. Topped yesterday.
  5. The big one would be good for at least a few weeks.. if not longer.
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  6. Minimum 3 wks into veg you can start with 1/4 strength nutes no more than 2 times a week in veg i follow the idea of water water nute. Ff carrys alot of nutrients in the soil so heavy feeding in veg dont really seem needed cause your not gonna deplete the soil anytime soon. Based on container size once your in flower you can do full strength cause if your plant has rooted deep and filled its space after about 4 weeks in flower its gonna have low nutes im in 5 gal and my roots have filled the container im sure i give em alot of nutes molasses and occasionally cal mag just to prevent issues. In flower i nute till i see tip burn then back off an just water
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  7. Okay I will wait on nutes at least a few more days. What about mollassis, too early for that?
  8. Also im not vegging long. Im gonna flip in like 2 weeks
  9. Molasess is to feed microbes in soil
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  10. I have used ffof quite a bit and I really didn't add anything to it until I flipped to 12/12. Then I didn't really add much either, only use Biothrive Bloom (2-4-4) and some cal mag. Thats it!
  11. Shit mine have drank almost a whole bottle of bloom for 4 5gal pots ive use maybe a quarter of grow big the whole grow 1/10th a bottle of cal mag and half a bottle of tigerblood
  12. Use nutes when plants ask for them. Plants can veg for 10 weeks in a 7 gallon pot of ffof without nutes,depending on the size of the plants. Get a soil tester so you know how much NPK is in the soil, as well as ph. Then act accordingly.

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