When to start nutes?

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  1. first time i've used "GROW BIG"... my plant is just starting, maybe a week old. when should i introduce the nutes to my plant? thanks.
  2. How tall is the plant?.
  3. I start once the first set of true leaves get to be at least bigger than the cotyledon (the first round leaves that appear). So basically less than a week from sprouting I start feeding. I kinda have to though because I grow in pure coco, which is an inert medium. If you are using some type of soil that contains nutes already you will be able to go much longer without feeding. I have no idea how long you can go though because I never grow in soil.
  4. ok. hows this sound... i'll just wait atleast 3-4 weeks, so the plant grows as is first... then i'll nute it up and see what happens. hopefully no plant death.
  5. You'll be able to tell when the plants need nutrients.
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    It really depends on how much the plant needs vs how neutraint rich the soil you have is, you need to watch your plant shell tell you when she's ready. Are you following the ff feeding schedule?
  7. yeah, i am...but how can i follow it yet when i just started lol. thats why im askin yall when should i start so i cause no harm.
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    I'm asking because you should be starting with big bloom only for the first two feedings then start the grow big. Also you should start at 1/4 strength and work your way up so you don't burn the plants.
  9. What soil are you using?
  10. fox farm ocean forest
  11. so, would putting 2tbsp of grow big in a gallon jug, and watering with that be alright? and should i alternate between using regular water and the nute'ed up water between feeds??

    never used nutes before and i dont want to kill my baby, so i'm a little nervous here lol.
  12. Start using nutes after 2wks. Once you start you need to cut the nutes into 1/4 strength. As the plant gets bigger increase dosage.
  13. thats what im asking.

    how exactly do you apply the nutes to the plant, and how would i go about doin it 1/4 strength??

    what, put 1 tbsp in a gallon jug instead of 3-4? just someone tell me step by step how to nute SAFELY. i dont want none of my babies to die.
  14. Since your using fox farm ocean forest you should be good with no feeding for a full month. Than once you start feeding do a feed,water,water, at 1/4 so if it's 2 tablespoons per gallon only do half a table spoon per gallon. Do that for full month than do full dosage So only feed once every three waterings. That's the safe way. Or every other watering once she gets bigger. About a foot
  15. alright cool thanks alot man

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