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  1. hi gc.. i've got 17 very healthy seedlings in solo party cups.. i put them in soil approximately 3 days ago and all of them are starting on their 1st leaf sets.. i'm wondering when i can start giving them nutes and what the best nutes for this stage of development are.. i was thinking something for root development would be good because once these are established enough i'll be putting them in the ground outside and it can get pretty dry
  2. after 1 month in non ferted soil. After 3 months in ferted soil.
  3. sweet thanks corto.
    would you suggest using an all around nute for the whole grow or is there anything in specific i should use for these early stages
  4. You're welcome,

    well, in growing phase (veg.), plants need Nitrogen (found in nettles, compost, worm castings, russian comphrey, fish enzyme -or emulsion-, blood meal -not soluble though-...) All in teas and/or placed in/on (as topper) the soil. AND K (seaweed, russian comfrey, kelp, molasses in teas and/or in soil)

    Flowering phase (Aug --->): plants need phosphorous. Found in high P bat guano, bone meal, ashes... AND K. Flowering isn't triggered by nutes so wait until the flowers show (buds) before giving flow. nutes.

    But in veg and flow. , use a bit of P (in veg.) and N (in flow.) as well. And K in both too.

    Don't forget magnesium and calcium twice a season with epsom salts (1 tsp per gallon).

    Finish with unsulphured molasses in last 3 weeks.

    I don't have access to US products so use what I have here (organic stuff).

    Later man and Good luck.
  5. sweet thanks a ton corto..
    when using any of these organic nutes is it important at all to use different kinds or would i be alright if i just nuted with one all the way through both stages of development.. ie just compost or just worm castings

    I might check in to some pre-made ferts.. is there any ratio i should try and maintain when using N-heavy nutes for veg.. ie 3:1:1 or something?
  6. Yes, they need N and K for veg. And then, P and K for flowering. The ratios x-x-x symbolize N-P-K as you may know. So if you want a veg nute look for 10-1-1 or 5-1-1 (doesn't matter). For flowering, 1-1O-1 for ex is good. Etc... Add K with molasses or kelp for example. I don't have Us products but even American growers use separated ferts for each phase. Unless you use slow release ferts which contain all but are harder to "flush" (5-5-5 for ex.). Ok my man? Just go stealthily and tell no one, water and you'll get buds in the Fall. Don't worry about the nute thing too much. Don't over water or over nute. A water source or a car access for bringing water are vital. They'll die very quickly without water. Use water crystals if nec.
  7. sweet thanks for the advice.. no one except the good members of gc are really going to know anything about my grow it's a solo project.. hopefully in a month i'll have most of them sexed out and be able to get them in their buckets or in the ground with some nutes..

    Thanks for the advice hopin for the best haha

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