When to start nutes?

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  1. Hey guys, on almost 3 weeks with 4 skunk, just introduced them to the 2000w led from the 35w flo, when would be a good time to start nutes? I have 10-5-5 diluted 40/60 with purified water,
    Question, the small leaves on the bottom of the plant (the first ones it developed) turned a strong yellow oddly enough, any ideas what that might be? I’ll get a picture soon

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  2. Pics of the yellowing

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  3. Possibly lack of nutes related?
  4. I'd start 1/4 strength now. And they are very small man.. does the soil have nutes in it already ?
  5. Very small? Referring to being small for their age? Or small for starting nutes?
    Okay, and I was wrong I have a 12-6-6 dry fert, and a 12-4-8 liquid. Neither have “suggested” amounts listed.

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  6. Dec 3rd (3 days) will mark 3 weeks. Since I started germination, Dec 5th would mark 3 weeks since planted in pots

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  7. 1/4 strength meaning mixing 1:4 ratio with water? Been very careful not to overwater. Maybe 40ml a day.

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  8. The soil is .07%:02%:01%

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