When to Start Nutes?

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  1. I have 2 weedlings growing atm with some Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 nutes off to the side waiting to be consumed. Just a simple q: when should I start using the Dyna-Gro?
    One is 10 days from sprout and the other is 6 days from sprout.


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  2. i believe 2 weeks 1/4th recommended strength is the most common answer you're gonna get, personally i use sensi grow a+b and i start germinating the seed with 1ml/L (grodan cubes presoaked)
  3. think it really depends on your medium, if it has shit in there for the plant to eat don't feed for awhile, if its inert, well that's a different story
  4. The soil has an NPK of .07-.04-.03 with some perlite, a wetting agent, sphagnum peat moss. I already have the solution 1/4 the strength, I did my research there lol. 
  5. I'd start now on the first one at 1/4 strength. I took some bad advice from here and keep waiting an waiting and they nearly starved to death. Started feeding and boom huge growth.
    From now on in coco I'm starting as soon as they look like that first pic. It's a huge learning curve but a heap of fun along the way. Good luck.

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