When to start nutes+can i start out

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by burped, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Can u start out plant under a 400 w mh ?
    Also when do i start nutes and how do i know how much to give then
  2. You can start plants out under a 400w MH lamp, just make sure the light isnt too close to the plants. 24" - 30" from the top of the plant to the bottom of the light is plenty.

    Nutrient schedules depend on the type of grow medium (soil vs coco vs hydroton) and method of grow (aeroponic, drain to waste etc). If you are growing in soil, check to see if the dirt you placed your plants in already has nutrients available. Look at the bag for an N-P-K rating, it will be three numbers. If you have nutrients in your soil already, you are fine waiting a couple of weeks before adding some nutrients of your own.

    If you are growing in coco, you need to slowly start adding nutrients, maybe start with quarter strength of what the bottle recommends.

    This all really depends on exactly what you have going on. Some more information will help us help you.

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