When to start newts?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DrAbsurd, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I'm using organic soil with no newts, I'm in week 3 of veg should I start yet or does the plant not need it yet?
  2. ...what is the name brand of your soil?
  3. Earthgro organic potting soil
  4. ...I'd say after 3 weeks, sure you could start to fertilize....what type of fertilizers do you plan to use?
  5. Earthgro organic potting soil.
  6. He uses soil to fertilize the soil. lol

    I assume you have some sort of nutrient solution, so in that case, you could've started feeding 1 week ago. My plants started getting hungry at 2 weeks.

    Oh and just because your plants could've been started earlier, doesn't mean you should bump up your nutes above 1/4 strength starting.
  7. Ok I will start with 1/4 strength now. What strength should I switch to later, after I start flowering.
  8. We really need to know more about your nutes (and it's "nutes", as in nutrients, not "newts", as in relatives of salamanders). You should be using different ferts for veg and for flower, the plant has different nutritional needs in each phase.
  9. I'm using mg tomato feed 18-18-21 for veg and mg bloom booster 15-30-15 and something called superthrive. I'm using earth juice for my ph up/down.
  10. Those are minimally adequate, cheap chemical ferts that will do the job, but if you can upgrade your nutes you will be rewarded with more/better bud.
  11. What would be the best choices?
  12. General Hydroponics Flora kit is quite effective even for noobs. Theres also a detailed how-to that is very easy to understand and makes feeding plants a no-brainer.

    marijuana seeds growing - Bunzboy?s flora feeding schedule for soil growers.

    And with a good run-off percentage every other feeding, its easy to maintain PH (even without a meter), and every type of nutrient is available for the plant using the 3 peice kit. Find it on Ebay or Amazon, or your local hydro store.

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