when to start lst?

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  1. This is my first time trying lst i usually just top but lst seems to be better but i was wondering when i should start? My plants are about 3 inches now
  2. U can start when it pops out of the ground...
  3. Ohh ok i was just making sure thank you
  4. well not as soon as it pops out of the ground, if its from seed you should wait till those little strange looking leaves fall off, the first ones that show up and are like a single blade - if its a clone then just wait a week at most till it establishes a root base or you could risk tipping it over - but I would say its safe after you notice it grow more then 1 inch in 24 hours because then you know its doing good

    I wait take clones and put them into 4x4 rock wool cubes and after about 1 week when they get roots I put them into dirt, then 5-7 days latter I cut the top off and LST the rest of the branches down until they get really tall then top them again and lst again so I have all the tops at the same height and then into flower
  5. Thank you this answer helped alot i kinda figured i should wait until their taller before i start lst
  6. Any time after the 4th node.
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    Double post my bad
  8. No dude, like if ur shits stretched, u can tie it down and it will do fine and you can make up some room, but yea obviously u gotta wait untill the 3rd or 4th node before tieing leaves down. I'm fuxin great at lst

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