when to start light exactly?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by masterdebater49, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. quick question for you guys, i looked around and found a couple different answers but i just want to get this straight.

    ok i have 3 plants. 1 plant succesfully sprouted 2 days ago and im still waiting on the first leaves to come,
    my other 2 plants just sprouted today and are a little behind the first.

    They got probably 45 minutes of light while i was working on my growbox today.

    when do i start giving them some light? should i gradually work up to 18 hours of light a day or just switch it on now? also i dont want to start the light if only 1 of the plants is ready for it correct?
  2. Nope, you should have 24/7 light on them right when they sprout!! Get that light on them NOW!
    I gave my plants full light when they werent even sprouted out of the ground yet. Just put them in and let them grow.
  3. if you are using a HPS or MH i would keep the light abit further from the plants then normal.
  4. ok cool lights are now on 24/7

    how long until i change it to 18/6? im growing in like a stealth dresser only like 30 inches tall 2 feet wide.
  5. You'll want to leave them on 24/7 through the entire veg cycle. then induce flowering by switching the lights to 12/12.
  6. WEll you can veg them for as long as you like.. I would do like 4-6 weeks?? I wouldnt sware by this, as idk, just what i have read. Then 12/12 them.
  7. ok thanks, im probably only going to be able to veg like 3 weeks tops because of the space I have unless i get the balls to do LST haha. it is my first plant
  8. If it's a small space, I am pretty sure you can just put them into flowering stage immediately, yield some less, but at least they'll be small and easily fit.
  9. Yes, but an LST is SOOO simple., Just read threads after threads.. I am going to attempt to do my plants and this is my first grow.. Cant really do much to them that will actually hurt them.
  10. Yeah LST, ScrOG, Supercropping; all good methods to increase yeild in small spaces . . . or just in general. Good luck man, it's really fun I hope you enjoy it!

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