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When to start Foliar feeding?

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by ChillyWilly5, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Hey all,
    My plants are about two weeks old.  Starting to push out their 5th set of nodes.  about 6" high.  My question is when should I start foliar feeding. 
    I will be feeding with Pro-Tekt, Neem Oil, Fulvic Acid, Liquid Kelp and Aloe Juice.
    Don't want to blast a plant that isn't ready to handle it.
    When do you guys usually start?

  2. my plants are healthy as could be and i never foliar feed my plants
  3. I heard it can be fed after a week just spray 1-5 times a day through out all veg stage and then let it grow in flowering

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  4. when u foliar feed does the water have to be ph'ed
  5. foliar feed isn't necessary, imo. it's like a supplement if you are experiencing issues. wouldn't do it just to do it
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    Foliar applications contribute more than simple nutrition, if thats the tact yall are taking in this regard.
    It's more about the secondary effects, ie cytokinins from kelp extract, than about correcting deficiencies or any such thing, though it is very much possible to do so.
    I'd wait until you start your training regime before applying anything.
    By training do you mean LSTing, Supercropping, scrogging, etc...?
  8. You can do it now. I spray my clones with a mix similar to that... floralicious/protekt @ 1tsp/gal.

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  9. As a really skewed reference, I spray any rooted cuttings I take in from others; I just feel it's not necessary for those wee ones yet.
    I start training mine around 8 inches, though height isn't always the best indicator the plant is ready to be "pushed" via outside stimulus.
    This is just an opinion, play around and find your groove.
    Just remember one thing, as it always helps (me at least); take it easy, it's not a race. 
  10. This thread can be removed/closed.  Questions answered.

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