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  1. Hey guys!  First time grower here.  I have three plants going and I think my Afghan Kush Ryder will be ready in the next couple of weeks.  Some pics attached.  Hairs are mostly turning amber but tricomes are looking about 80% clear and 20% cloudy.  Just wondering when I should stop giving nutes and just flush. She is exactly two months from germ.  Breeder says about 55 days seed to harvest, but from what I read you need to add 1-2 weeks to that for the average grower.  Opinions?  Also, I am getting a little bleaching of some leaves and purple stems....I think this is normal towards the end?
    How do I get my pictures to not post sideways?  I've rotated them and saved them again in windows explorer....but when I re-upload they still come out sideways? 2013-05-23 19.24.31.jpg 2013-05-23 19.25.35.jpg 2013-05-23 19.24.20.jpg

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  2. Sorry I cant help you with the pictures because I haven't had that problem but with flushing your yummy looking lady's I can help you with. Just for the last 2 watering's just flush them... in the end its going help your harvested bud so it doesn't taste like crap. As well as you add a couple more weeks for your drying and pruning and curing time. :smoking:  :hippie:  
  3. (off topic)hey im doing a akr how is she producing for you. also would you say it will be finished within the 55 days stated by breeders. mines only been going since Sunday so still another 2 months to go lol. 
  4. Thanks for the comments SmokE.  I am pretty comfortable with telling when she will be ready to harvest.  However, she is in a 3 gallon pot and with my temps and humidity I am only watering/feeding once a week.  So I am trying to guess when she will be 20% Amber and 80% cloudy so I can back up two weeks to start the flush.  So if I assume she will be ready in two weeks I guess I should start flushing now.  
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  5. I am at day 61 now, so no, she definitely needs another 1-3 weeks to finish.  I think all breeders list the extreme with respect to seed to harvest times and for any normal grower you should add at least a week or two.  As far as producing...she looks good to me, but I really have no experience to be able to guess at the yield for this plant.  Any one else care to guess?  She is 24" tall with about 13 main bud sites.
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  6. Hey guys.....I have a bit of a problem here.  I think my Afghan Kush Ryder (day 70) is very close to being done.  I have to be out of the area next week from the 5th to the 11th.  Trying to decide if I should flush tonight and chop on the fourth and then would have the harvest hanging to dry in about 60% humidity for a full week before I can jar it and start curing.  Second option is to wait and flush the day I am leaving and then harvest the day I get back, which will give me more time to properly monitor the drying and cure.  Trichs are about 80% cloudy right now with no amber yet.  I am fine with that as I do not want alot of amber (couch lock).  I just hope that when I get back I do not have too many amber trichs....
    Plant is showing some bleaching of leaves but I am not too worried about it as she will be done soon.
    Your thoughts?

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