When to start feeding?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by London Guy, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Newbie question - help appreciated.

    When do you start feeding seedlings? I've read all the books and it says germinate/start off in pure water, but when can I start adding something to help my little babies along? I don't wanna kill em with fert or starve them for lack of it.
  2. about 2 weeks
    weak mix first and build it up over time as the plant grows.

  3. HIGH All, yes at least 2 weeks!!! And weak yes.
  4. thnx guys. i'll just be patient
  5. HIGH All, All my seeds start in Sunshine Mix #4 with nothing being fed to them...maybe a week or so I'll put them in the Buckets (after washing the roots of the Mix) and they are just watered till the roots show (coming out of the bottom)...when that happens they are fed a weak solution at first and up from there.

    Even in then it's Almost two weeks without food....embryonic leaves (cotyledons) are giving what the seedling needs for it's first few weeks.
  6. HIGH All, when you do fert them this early make sure it's very weak...of coarse if you can aford to do this it doesn't matter right. We All learn from our mistakes and trust me my friends I've made a few and still do.

    I know you'll kept us informed BoB_Beard1...you are a brave man!!!

  7. HIGH All, *LOL* far from it my friend..if people didn't take risks where would we be eh!!!

    A wise person!


  9. HIGH All, it doesn't matter when the last time you smoked...it's no reason to tell me to fuck off...I seen that and said "why the FUCK am I doing this"...makes me wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. HIGH All, well you lost me....I tell you, you are by far stupid.....and then say "wise person" when you say "Something about having all your eggs in one basket put me off whilst im learning...and I get fuck off..don't worry you won't scare me away and I'll stop replying to your threads.
    No more from me.

  12. FUCK YOU
  13. HIGH All, well did that hit you where it hit me....words that hurt!!!! I have no problems with you BoB_Beard1 and knew something was up with that response...I hope you find something to smoke for All our sakes *LOL*.

  14. man you guys got me crackin up!!! peace be upon both of yous lol
  15. scrape a bowl perhaps? jus tryin to make ya feel better :) wassup with you school? you sound like youre out??
  16. Come on Bob have a Big J and chillout lol plenty of dealers around the old B city
  17. well when your were a newbie you replied to a few of my threads,had to delete all my stuff for security reason will do the same with these few posts ,under a different user name now and dont post as much only when need be,your knowledge of growing has fairly expanded fair play to you,
    and dont worry dont know you personally just thought Id make you a bit paranoid lmao think back a few months ago regarding a phone number for smoke has the penny drop

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