when to start feeding??

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  1. So, I have 4 little girls (knock on wood) growin. They've just reached 3 weeks old today. All the cotyledons or however you spell it have died. I gave 3 of 4 molasses with water on saturday, just for a little experiment. Originally I was gonna wait till week 4 to feed, just wanted some feedback on telling signs of deficiencies.

    ANYWAYS....when do you think I should feed them, what are the warning signs? They are all really green with no problems, no leaf tip issues or anything. But I really wanna stay ahead of the game, and not wait for somethin to go wrong to fix it.
    Also, I will be feeding with MG 18-18-18 ferts, hope that sounds good to y'all

    theres my current journal

    thanks in advance GC
  2. i won't coment on ferts, but seedlings usually start getting fed 1/4 strength nutes when they get 3 alternating internodes.
  3. you should really start feeding when the cotyledons start turning yellow and its usually safe to start feeding from week 2
  4. What kind of soil are you using? If it is one with time relase food i.e. MG don't feed them anything...you will burn them. Otherwise at 3 weeks you should be good, just remember less is better in the beginning. If you see problems and you think you overfed you have to flush. So the 1/4 reccomended dosage that an earlier poster mentioned is a good way to start.
  5. Yea I know about that...I made the mistake of using MG soil last grow and didnt know about the whole time release ferts. I have no idea, I can't find it online so I'll have to find out at the store or somethin.

    http://www.gardensalive.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_8793 i found this doesnt really say much, just that theres stuff in it.....
  6. bump.....
  7. Assuming there are no ferts in that soil, you should start feeding now. 1/4 strength to start.

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