When to Start 12 Hour Light Cycle

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  1. First time grower here. I'm growing two indoor plants in a grow tent. I'm growing 1 Chocolope plant (sativa) and 1 NY47 plant (sativa dominant hybrid). They're like 8 weeks old and both around 2 feet tall. I have them under a 1000w LED light with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. My tent is 80" tall, but the grow light hangs lower than that. And they're in 10 gallon cloth pots. I've been feeding them each a mix of 3 tsp of Fox Farm Grow Big and 3 tsp of Fox Farm Big Bloom with a gallon of water every other watering (I water every other day). Can anybody tell me when I should start the 12/12 light cycle to trigger flowering? I've heard cannabis about doubles in size from the start of flowering up until harvest. Should I start the flowering light schedule to ensure my plants don't grow too tall? And should I start adding Fox Farm Tiger Bloom to their feeding? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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