When to start 12/12?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by freegreen, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I have 3x 2ft high White Widow plants.

    they're my first grow and we've had our ups and downs, there used to be 4 :(.

    when do I start flowering? I have no idea how old they are as I lost my records recently and I'd like to start sooner rather than later.

    how do I see if they're ready for flowering?
  2. They won't show sex until you flower.

    You can start flower now, no problem.
  3. how long they been in veg?

    the reality is that you can flower whenever you want to. the longer and taller you let the plant go during veg, the greater the yield will be but the more room the plant will take up in your grow space. but to answer your question directly, i agree with halitzor that generally speaking, a healthy 2 ft tall plant is definitely suitable for flowering.
  4. I have a white widow of my own that i am currently LSTing it needs a whopping 3 feet just to make it around the bucket and then i would like to see the new shoots get to be about the same height. About how much am i increasing my yield by doing it this way rather than having one main cola. IT seems the process of LST is taking a long time as the high node of my plant is no longer the apical meristem. I dont know if shell ever make it around the bucket :(.
  5. I have 3 buckets, mine didn't make it all the way around. You would need some type of anchor system setup on the lid to make that work. Its too extreme of a bend to get all the way around. Mine just are tied down to one side and the side branches are all growing up toward the light now. 12-20 bud sites per plant right now, not quite a week into flowering.
  6. ^^^ Nice hijack. :)

    IMHO, LST is well worth the extra time and effort. Yield is substantially greater if done properly.

    To answer the original question. As others have stated, you can technically flower from seedling. So whenever you are ready is fine. However, that being said you can substantially increase your yield by allowing your plant to become sexually mature before flowering.

    Two ways to determine sexual maturity are by looking for preflowers, or alternating nodes. Both are signs that your plant is sexually mature and ready to be flowered.

    Good luck
  7. LST doesn't slow anything down so you're not compromising for anything.

    And how am I hijacking, I'm in the same situation and let him know you can't really go all the way around the rim of the bucket..?
  8. Halitzor, I was actually complimenting chris11 on his hijack. You just snuck in the middle.

    LST does take longer. It doesn't slow the plant down, but overall veg time is usually increased. At least I have found this to be the case in my experience with LST.
  9. That makes much more sense.

    I'm sadly still on my first grow so this is my first experience with LST. But I think I got the gist of it down... Now that I actually know how a MJ plant physically grows it will be easy to plan out the path of the LST the main stem will take.

    I am doing 3 plants on this grow and I'm considering reducing down to 2 plants so I can train them better. I had 4 to start but one was sickly so I pulled it, if i still had all 4 my 4x4 tent would just be ridiculous by now. Its already nearly full with the 3.
  10. sorry :) didnt mean to hijack anything. The mechanism i am using (because i have a square bucket and clay media) is just drilling holes on the rim on the bucket all the way around and lacing string through them to tie the plant down.
  11. chris11. Sounds like a decent solution. Just make sure your holes are light tight. Nothing worse for a resevoir than light.

    Good luck.
  12. Instead of drilling holes and putting string into the holes, just get small eyehooks and screw them directly into the plastic. You can then use a piece of string and tie to each, no risk of light leak.

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