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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shell_09, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Well, a while ago i started growing and everything was fine, but i did one thing wrong that i should have... which was that i let my plant grow and grow, when i should have cut it. I was also wondering if that has an effect on the amount of actual bud produced.. thanks

    -shay out
  2. yes you will have more buds as long as you have the light and space to flower it....and if it's female!.....Peace out...Sid
  3. i read somewhere that when flowering starts then the plant will actually double in size.. now, if i have a 6 foot high closet, should i stop the plant's vegging and switch the lights from 19-5 to 12-12 when its approx 3 feet high?

    also, the older the plant the higher the yield and the better the bud.. but is the longer wait really worth it? or would it just be more productive to harvest and then start the new crop after a certain time?
  4. well if you're room is only 6' high i would trigger before 3' as you're light will get in the way....the room for the light and the room for the distand#ce from the light.....also if your light is powerfull enough and you top as you go....you can get good results by flowering at approx 12-18".....ps some sativas will triple in height....it's all down to the strain.....as for a smaller grow and more harvests=S.O.G.....sea of green......see woody's posts in his "harvest time" thread.....lots of smaller plants to receive the same result as growing a few big plants.......also the bigger the plant the harder to get light to all the buds, and a bugger to control.....i had lots of fun taking my 7' sativa to the toilet to flush the medium as i didn't have a bucket, it kept hitting the doors!!...lol.....Peace out....Sid

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