When to Scrog?

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  1. Hello, does anyone have a general rule of thumb about when to switch to flower in scrog? Do you fill out a certain percentage of the screen and then flip? Thank u
  2. Some ppl say 70% of screen. Are you still topping? What strain are you growing? Have you grown it before? Do you know how much it will stretch after light flip?
  3. I’ve got two dif strains going now one doubled in size after light switch the other tripled in size.
  4. I'm topping twice. GSC, Alien OG, and Lavanda. First time grower. I'm guessing 1.5-2x
  5. First time grower here as well. But be careful with that GSC, she’s notoriously finnicky and hermie prone
  6. Hi, so just to be clear, you top above the 2nd node the first time, wait for those to grow a node, and then top above that new node on the 4 mains again?
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  7. yes, but the first cut is always the most important.
  8. Okay thank you. A fewmore questions: suppose I want grow 2 plants in a 4x4. How would I determine the optimal placement of the plants relative to one another and the optimal grow height prior to supercropping? What about 4 plants? Also, I have a trellis net with 5 inch holes; how many tops would I guide through each hole? Thanks so much!
  9. I would offcenter each from another, but still keep them near the middle. Treat them each like they were in a 2x4. I've cropped mass amounts out of a 2x4 from just one plant. I would try to get them tall enough to span the 4' length. ~3' tall would seem right (prior to flower).
    treat each plant like they are in separate 2x2 tent. ~2' growth.
    I find each bud should have a 2"x2" area for proper development. When I stuff them more than that, they don't get enough room to fully stack and ripen properly.

    Here's a 2x4 stuffed full; again, just one plant. It shouldn't have been stuffed that full, but whatever
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  10. I fill my screen completely before I flip. I used to do 75% or so but found that 100% yields better in my situation. There is no set rule of thumb. 1st grow do less like 75%, next grow you can always fill more if you feel that you have space left to utilize.

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