When to remove LST plant ties?

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  1. Hi. I am 5 and a half weeks into flower and i have quite bit of training ties tied all around the pot. Should i remove them? I am afraid the branches will not stay in their same spot after a few days. It is also making it harder to spot popcorn buds and makes watering a lot harder. I’m going to water em soon, so a quick answer would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I leave my ties up the whole time otherwise branches break or drop.


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  3. As above
  4. Once mine go on....they don't come off until harvest day
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  5. Thicker ones will stay as they are, maybe move a little bit, ive untied the main stem it'll spring up a lil too
  6. Id just leave them
  7. I leave them. The plant will grow back together
  8. On harvest day
  9. Yup, harvest day
  10. Okay, I will not be removing the ties. Thanks for all the replies.
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