When to remove humidity dome and put under lights

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    No I didnt attend that university.

    Perhaps but its not that expensive to get feminzed seed :). 99% chance of a female which is leaps and bounds better then voodoo and magic dance :)[/quote]

    If you like plants that are genetically prone to Hermie. I'd rather give my reg seeds the best chance to be female, then clone my healthiest females. I dont mess with fem seeds
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    He's right. This has been proven with cannabis too. And who says there is a high ratio of females to males in naturally hot climates. We are trying to optimize conditions. Plants historically grew in rain too, but we keep them dry now to avoid mold.[/quote]

    Any links to studies with actual cannabis? That would be a very informative read.
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    To the Original Poster:

    From my personal experience but mainly because it's what WORKS BEST FOR ME, humidity domes for germing in small pots helps maintain moisture and heat. Without a hygrometer for my germination area, I can better judge the humidity level by how much water stays on my dome (I use cut off tops from 2 liter bottles, sprayed a couple times a day with water). I take the dome off when I throw the "seedlings" into light (thought sometimes I go straight to darkness, but that decision is made depending on where in my lighting schedule the rest of my plants are at; right now I have one lighted cab). I wait for the second set of bladed leaves before taking the dome off. I have a 95% germ rate with bagseed using my method (with the healthiest plants) so I pay no attention to what anyone else says, or what is "right".

    Take the basic information for growing and apply it to yours. Do A LOT of experimentation on your own, and FIND WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU! Then apply that next go around.

    If your new to growing, I would suggest germing a few, wait a couple weeks, germ some more, couple more weeks, germ some more. Use your first batch as a basic grow and let "shit happen". Second, take knowledge gained from first, and apply some techniques (feeding, different watering maybe, etc.). By the third one, you should have a good idea of what you need to and what exactly works best for you. Throughout, you can change up what's applied to the all batches, even the first, as they are not too far away from each other.

    PS: If you use cut off tops from 2 liters for domes, ALWAYS leave the lid off. Don't want stale air to sit inside. Excess heat and stale air is slowly pushed out of the top of the dome at an ideal rate for my 2.5" pots I use for germ.
  4. Marijuana seeds are either male or female. You cannot change the sex, ever. If you could, how would plants in the wild thrive? When the conditions are good, you end up with way more females and almost no males? That doesn't make sense.
  5. That is actually true, conditions of weather do effect the sexes. There could be a substantial amount of males then females in the wild and vis versa. The tendency iv seen from many plants I'v worked with usually have a large crop of male plants over female plants.... I believe my light cycles and temperature and humidity have a lot to do with this. I believe that plants have a higher tendance to come out male over female. So the arguments in this form are very valid, but I agree that plants, like certain animals(reptiles, fish), can be sexed through there climate and surroundings for what is needed most. This is my personal opinion so don't go crazy on me for what I said. Just offering my opinion. 

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