When to plant?

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  1. Just wondering if I plant in early June will my plants still grow bud, or is it too late?:confused:
  2. It depends on where you live man
  3. depends also on the seed and what the flowering time is for that strain...
    if its bag seed theres no real way to tell how long the flowering time will be it can be from 8 weeks to 12+ weeks flowering time....
    you can also go on google and check to see when they predict the first frost in your area will be..
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    New England
    Thai Stick
    Flowering Time: 63 - 77 days
  5. You can do it, you just wont get as high a yield compared to planting in april. You will still get bud no doubt...
  6. I think you can do it, you might not get as much bud, but you can still do it. I know new england gets kinda chilly by october..

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