When To Plant Outdoors In The Uk (Easy Ryder Seeds)

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  1. Hi  :wave:
    I just got my seeds delivered to me today
    (Pic Below)
    payed £21 for them + delivery (3 seeds all fem)
    One thing I'm not too sure about is when to plant, I was thinking around July 1st - 4th here in the U.K or would anyone recommend starting sooner or later, from what I have read this plant takes around 10weeks from germination to harvest which means harvest will be near mid september, is this okay?
    Also I'm going to probably grow in pots and the soil around here is poor so a simple soil mix that won't cost me a fortune would be great.
    Should I attempt using nutes on maybe  1 or 2 of them and let the other go organic?
    Any advice to do with anything I have said would be great, feel free to mention anything else that comes to you, 


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  3. It will take longer than ten weeks, especially outdoor.
    Get them out as soon as possible so you catch the best of the weather. Make sure your site is well prepped first though, and make sure you learn about defences against bugs etc before you put anything outside.
    But yeah, start now.
  4. I'm really worried about the rain though, it was raining yesterday, there is nothing to say it won't rain tomorrow

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  5. Bump

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  7. Is there any way you can start the seeds off indoors?
    Its much easier to grow outdoors if you can veg the first week or two indoors, so your plants are strong enough to survive a bit of rain.
    If not, you can cut the tops off large water bottles (the mouth piece), and place the remaining part of the bottle over the plants. This will allow light through and protect the seedlings from the rain. However, the lack of wind as a result of the bottles may result in weak / leggy stems, which will need to be hardened off before fully removing the bottles for good.
    You should do some reading in the Outdoor growing section of this forum, and get a solid idea of what you need to do and what you need to protect against before planting, or you risk losing your seeds.
    Good luck! Hope we return to some good weather soon.
  8. Get them started and get them outside.
  9. I'm going to start them this weekend

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  10. Hi there
    I'm a uk grower and I would never grow outdoors
    1: we don't get the right weather always to wet and windy
    2: our sun is shit
    3: our neighbours are nosy as fuck

    Keep it safe bring it in

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war

  11. I started my first two off just a couple of weeks a go and they are looking pretty decent. Although I am new to this as well, I would definitely suggest starting off inside, perhaps on a (ideally) discrete window sill with good light, then after a few weeks when they are bigger and tougher, take them outside. You could always do a bit of both, that is what I am doing. Keep them mainly indoors and when there is a nice day where the sun is out and there is a mild breeze or whatever, take them outside for some fresh air and sun. Keep them indoors on the shit days away from the dreaded uk rain haha
    Good luck.
    Outdoors UK can be tricky but it can be done.
    Even on dull days the sun is throwing out lots of the good stuff.

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