when to pitch the bowl

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  1. Hey guy had this question for some time. When do you ditch ,empty throughout burnt weed out of a bong?

    Just when its all ashes and white or when its just all black?
  2. when it doesnt produce smoke anymore man ;-)
  3. Okay so ashes.....(as long as it can burn its good)
  4. I smoke it to white ash. I hate it when people ash greens.
  5. I see people try and tell me the bowl is cashed when it's gray. It's generally fully gone when the ash is white.
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    I don't smoke ash. I dump it when it's not green anymore but people call me a weed snob for that.
  7. I hate when people tell me its cash and its just black. So I just smoke it until its all ash.
  8. frankly it is a personal decision.  if you don't mind the last couple ashy hits then go for it....
         I go for white ash. I have gotten BLAZED off the last hit off a bong before. a lot of people say the Thc is gone but I beg to differ.
  9. I keep hitting until draws don't give smoke anymore. thats how you make the absolute most of it
  10. I ditch a little early, my lungs dont like the shitty smoke, even through a bong and ice catcher. 
  11. I pack the bowl and don't look at it till I stop getting smoke. Then I'll stir it and take a hit or two more, but usually at that point I'm just pulling air
  12. If i got it like that, im only smoking green
    If i dont got it like that, I'm drawing smoke till it's kicked.
  13. I just wait until wen I light it, it doesn't cherry anymore. For example, when it's fresh green, I'll hold the lighter over the edge for 1-2 seconds, and take it off but keep inhaling. It usually stays cherried. Then when it's cashed I'll do the same thing, and if it doesn't stay cherried then the bowl is done

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  14. Hit it however long you want man

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