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  1. Hi all ! here is what I did. I have never grown a plant before. I put 4 seeds in a 6" pot back in january in my greenhouse and they all sprouted in about a week. I left the fattest stem and took out the other 3. It has grown to about a foot and a half. I pinched the top off and wham, within about 2 weeks it started to bud. It smells like a skunk real strong now. When do I pick and dry it. I think this is so cool. I have never grew one before and I am all excited about my plant. LOL If I can figure out how to put in the pics. I will show you. I am a pround momma with this baby.Can someone help me or guide me on this Thanks a bunch Have a great day! P.s. I have taken it out of the greenhouse and put it in a dark bedroom. Is this the thing to do?

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  2. how long have you been growing it?, im no expert but im pretty sure you shouldnt cut it off from light.
  3. and one more thing I only give it water and thats all
  4. okay now tell me how to reply to someone on here I am very new at this HELP! i HAVE BEEN GROWING IT FOR 3 MONTHS NOW
  5. I have been growing it since january, Its been 3 months now
  6. I give it about 10 hours of dim light. I have it in a bedroom on the shelf.
  7. Whats up girl.
    Welcome to the city.
    The plant should get 12 hours of light from a source that is an HPS, MH, or fluorescent light and 12 hours of complete, uninterrupted darkness otherwise known as 12/12. Approximately when did you start to see the buds? Also, this plant is going to need to be fed a little bit, soon. You can go for a N20-P20-K20 fertilizer or 15-30-15 in something that mixes in water. Good luck.
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome! After I pinched the top off, I saw buds popping out in about 2 weeks. The plant is 3 months old now. I did transplant it into a 3 gallon pot before I pinched the top off and she looks beautiful. But, when do you clip, cut it , ect and dry it how long does it take before you chop chop, LOL I have heard 6 months. I did buy a jewelers eyeglass to look at the buds up close and the wet thingys and hairs are turning a light shade of brown . it looks so pretty and my toung is hanging out, But I do have alot of patience, LOL any more tips would be nice Thanks
  9. Hi,
    You can harvest when the trichs look like this picture. You will need that jewlers loop. It may be a month before you chop yet.

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  10. HI there I just took a look and I see the little crystals all over buds and leaves. The white hairs are turning tan and brown on the buds. the cyrstal thingys are small , but they are there , LOL I see a few with the bubbles on top like in the pictures you sent I will keep you updated and any info will be welcomed here Thanks for your help.
  11. Congrats on your first grow. You can harvest your plant at different times to get a different kind of stone. If you harvest it early, when about 25% of the hairs are turning orange, you get more of a visual, phsycoactive (this does depend on your peticular strain) stone. Whereas, if you wait untill about 80-90% of the hairs are orange you get a more foggy, medicinal, "couch lock" type of stone. Its all about personal preference. I would suggest taking a little bud every 5-7 days after the hairs begin to turn color, and that way you can decide for yourself what time is right for you (and your plant) to harvest. If you want to play it safe I would say wait untill 60-75% of the hairs have turned color.

    About the lighting Im on the same page as SmknVTEC. If you cant aford or dont have good lights, try putting your plant by a sunny bedroom window durring the day and in a very dark closet at night. As for how to harvest there are a lot of good threads here concerning harvesting and curing your bud......good luck
  12. Thank you for the help. Great advise. I give my plant 12/12 of light right? I keep it on my porch now to get day light and keep it in the dark at night , do I ever change the lighting? I only have the natural sun light, no set up system ,lol Some one told me to take it out of the light and it will bud bigger, LOL I am new to this site and don't quite know how to use this site, But I am learning. Thanks for all your help in here, This is too cool! Have an awesome day!

  13. Hey gurl. Try to give it at least 5 hours of direct sunlight if you can. The other 7 hours of light can then be indirect but, the more direct sunlight you get it the better. Then at night, make sure it is in PITCH BLACKNESS. That is very important. So if it is on the porch and it is during the plants night time, and you switch on the porch lights, this is not good for flowing. Do not change the lighting from 12/12. Keep it on 12/12 until you chop it.
  14. thanks, I will do that . and I will put in a closet at night too Thanks a bunch and great tips I will post another pic soon to show you what we ALL have grown, LOL
  15. Here is a new pic I took today 4-4-06 it really looks prettier than this, I am so proud of my baby! Again, thank you all for your help. You guys can be my Buds, LOL

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  16. Here is my plant I will hang it up on monday, It is 4 months old now and she is Beaytiful What do you all think? Do you think it is ready ? Time is now running out. Any more advise Please let me know

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  17. Hi gurly girl. Do you have a microscope or a 10x jewlers loop? That is the best way to tell if it is ready and then compare it to the trich chart I gave you on page 1 of this thread. It is hard to tell visually if it is ready.
  18. Hi I did use a jewler loop and I see that the trich are still clear. so I will keep looking. The hairs are a lot brown in the loop, but I see some new white ones too. This plant is about 3-4 months old and the skunky smell is not so strong in the room , but up close it smells real good. I will keep you updated Thanks again
  19. wuddup you said when it was starting to flower you didnt give it 12/12 this could be a problem but i cant tell cuz ur pics are really blurry, but im sure by now u can tell if it is a hermie. if not get some clears shots on the buds and ill tell you. since your not using a timer for the light and ur just lettin it sit on ur porch make sure u take it out and bring it in around the same time everyday or you could have some problems, i hope you dont tho get some clear shots of those buds and post them ill be here

    nice grow tho from the looks of it

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