When to move Autoflower seedlings outside?

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  1. hi!

    I'm on my first try (well, technically the second try) growing an Autoflower in Sweden.
    I have a seedling going now that I have been growing in the window for the past week or so. It looks healthy and well, but has been growing quite slowly. My first try I put out in the garden straight away, but it got scorched by the sun, so I wanted this one to grow slower indoors before exposing it to heat and wind.

    - Would this work to do or should I get a light of some sort before taking it out?
    - How long should I keep it indoors before taking it out?

    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. I germinated 2 White Widow Autos and 2 Bubblicious Autos from Nirvana. Put the seeds straight into rapid rooter plugs and planted in 3 gallon fabric pots with seedling soil, worm poo, and perlite. I kept them covered with 2 liter bottles for the first few days after sprouting then pulled the bottle covers and put them outside. They seem to be doing fine. I also move them around to be in the sun for most of the day.

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  3. So i guess my questions for you are:
    1. What size container are they in?
    2. What soil/grow medium are you using?
    3. How often were you watering?
    4. Did you give nutrients too early?

    Autos, since they are genetically timed to flower, dont like stress in their lives. It cuts down on yield pretty dramatically. Each time they have to recover it slows growth.

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  4. 1. I germinated them until they were about 5-6cm long (2 inches) and moved them over to 8 liter root pouches directly (2 gallons)

    2. Soil is a standard planting soil. I put in a soil tab with it, but only half since people had written that autos didn't want too much. It looks good so I don't think there is a problem with the soil.
    3. The first one that died probably got too dry because of the scorching sun but the new one I'm watering about every two days when the surface dries out. It is easy to control since I still have it indoors.
    4. Only the soil tab. I couldn't find any info about soiltabs and autos except to use less. So I followed the instructions on the pack.

  5. It definitely is hard to balance having just the right amount of moisture is the pot for the roots while theyre spreading. Too much and they'll rot... to little and they'll dry out and die. Learning from bad experiences sucks, but thats the way it goes i guess. You could get one of these meters that measures moisture in soil. Theyre like $10 on Amazon, free shipping with Prime. Just shove it in the dirt and see what it says...[​IMG]

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