When to light germ/sprouts?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JRye, Oct 30, 2022.

  1. Hey guys,

    Recently germ'ed some seeds in water and peroxide until the tails popped then put them directly in soil under an SF4000 LED on 20% dimmer, about 200 umols. I have two questions, should the light be on yet if they have not broken the surface of the soil, and if so, what schedule should they be on? Would GREATLY appreciate any advice!

  2. I leave my lights on once I plant them.
    20K lux at ground zero.
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  3. Thanks for the reply!

    What schedule do you use until they break the surface? I’ve had them on 18 & 6 to give them some time to rest. Heard a few people doing 24 hr though?
  4. I start the 18/6 light schedule for germed seeds that are put into soil seems to work for me

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  5. Unless you're using the light for heat........there's no point until the thing sprouts.
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  6. The light actually helps keep the temp at a perfect 78 in there so I guess you could say I am?
  7. What’s your typical time on the sprout once they’re planted?
  8. 18/6 atm. (I've also used 24 and 20 hrs when I just can't make up my mind).
    yes, and in the winter time, it would get cold in the room, so i tried doing 6on/2off light schedule which worked well and kept the room warmer.
    this time I germed on Oct25, I planted as soon as they cracked on the 27th,
    This is a picture taken 5 minutes ago (Oct 30). #1 and #2 sprouted yesterday.
  9. Right on, thanks!

    I got tails on the night of the 28th and planted same time. Gave them 24 he the first day to get them going, then 18 & 6 now that I’ll maintain throughout veg. Haven’t seen anything break the surface yet but it’s only been about two days. Really hope to see something tomorrow/next day!
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