When to Harvest?

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  1. Plant's old pistils have turned orange/rust color and receded, but then buds broke open and more pistils have emerged along with a few big pistils.

    10th week. Was told to harvest tomorrow but those secondary white pistils are tall and bright. Should I wait for those to retract?

    Also only the top of the plants have big buds. All the lower ones are very small. I was told to cut the top off and allow the lower ones to develop more.

    I started distilled watering last week to prepare, but do not know what to do...
  2. You could invest in a quality magnifying glass, and check out the quality/quantity of the trichomes on your buds. Amber is a good color..very heavy-ish body stone... But harvesting is strain dependent... whats your strain?
  3. Ok I looked up how to do the trichome color thing. I will go out and get a magnifying glass. I do not know the strain as no one really does... (The seeds are from mids, but I heard that the potency has more to do with the climate and conditions the plant is grown in) They have been taken care of perfectly for the most part as I know of.

    My only issue was harvesting, even from the start I still do not know. I heard of the trichomes thingy here:


    The trichomes are the white crystals right?? I just need to see closer to see if they are amber correct?

    Just confusing to me sorry haha. Also if I cut the tops off will the bottom buds get bigger? Or you harvest all in one day?
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    this is a cheap as it comes may take up to 2 weeks to get i got mine in a week its a 45x microscope for only $3.16 [ame=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002E0MU70/ref=oh_o01_s00_i00_details]Amazon.com: SE Mini 45X Brass Microscope w/ Illuminator: Toys & Games[/ame] also in my opinion amber is to late cloudy over 75% is were i would recommend.
  5. Potency is from genetics, although with the treatment most commercial brickweed gets on its journey here, its progeny if grown out will be better than the mersh was (which is where the myth comes from).

    I got a 30x magnifying loupe for about a buck 50 shipped on ebay. Good luck.

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