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  1. Okay so I'm kinda confused, my plants have been flowering (i think) for like a few weeks. I planted them on february 22nd, the seed instructions from the site says to harvest on month 9\10. So do I wait until then to harvest? Or do I only have like 75 days. My plants are budding...


    This is one of my plants

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  2. do you live in the southern u.s.? well...imo its up to the plant at this point....

    id say it happened because you started your plants outdoors before your light schedule was ok for veggin...assuming your plant was most likely mature in march its very possible...but ive had the shade from trees and the afternoon shade from a mountain send some of mine into flowering...but i did also transplant them in march after they were 4 or so months old

    but some strains are just genetically susceptible to auto flowering...ive heard AK will sometimes autoflower which is why it was one of the first to be crossed with lowryder

    so theres a possibility that it will just continue flowering ...especially since its so far along in which case id harvest based on trichom maturity...if thats the case id keep a real good eye out for any signs of hermying and your new leaves could also start becoming 1 finger instead of 3 5 or 7 another sign of light schedule stress is if your leaves start growing completely upside down...

    theres also a possibility that you will see these light stress signs and then see the plant recover and reveg in which case you might as well cut off what bud sites you have because they will probably die off but will most definitely not mature any farther

    they could also like i said hermi or just go into shock and die

    so its up to her lol but if somethings going to happen it should happen soon...
    good luck hope i could help
  3. Dang, I live in texas, I hope it gets bigger :(
  4. 9/10 means september/october i believe mang.
  5. So even though I started it early, it will still be done in september ot october
  6. hey replied to your pm but its not in my sent messages so i hope you got it lol if not let me know and il give you my email good luck!
  7. Is it so hard to rotate the picture before uploading it?

    And it will stop flowering soon...unfortunatly, unless you bring it in darkness for 12 hours. The days are getting longer. So it might revert back to veg and then back into flower...that has got to be some MAJOR stress.
  8. So what if I go put it in darkness for 12 hours.... Ill go put some trash cans over them :) someone told me to harvest then let it go thru vegging again...

    But my question is, why did it flower so early? Did I start too early?

    Oh and sorru bout the pic it was straight from my phone (no iphone its cool)
  9. Yes Febuary 22nd mimics the daylight that marijuana has during the fall when it flowers. So your plant thought it was time to bud. In other words, yes you started TOO EARLY.

    You can't really harvest that plant without killing the whole thing. But yeah...
  10. if you want to reveg then, 2 weeks before harvest flush with water.
    cut off the flowers, but leave the fan leafs on the plant.(if you can keep them alive)
    feed and give it a lot of light.
  11. hey man i was just suggesting forced flowering as an alternative to taking what you can get and hoping she reveg's...but in this situation...i mean considering theyre already showing signs of light schedule stress i would definitely hold off on those garbage cans you dont want to apply any more unwanted stress or they could hermi and turn what little bud you have into un-usable seed...
  12. Did you not see his plant? Its going to be like one main cola...you cant cut that off and leave the fan leaves...The fan leaves are attached to the nugs at the stem/nodes.

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