when to harvest?

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  1. id take pics but its lights out for now. im 7 weeks into flower using cfls, supposedly theyre 1 querkle and 1 platinum og, its miracle organic potting soil (oops), fox farm big bloom, and cal mag nutes. the first 2 months i was waering with water ph of 7.9 (oops) since then ive lowered it to 6.5 or so (2 weeks ago) and pretty much all the leaves r starting to yellow. about half have fallen off already. about half the hairs r orange, half white, i need a better scope but it LOOKS like half the trychs r clear, half cloudy, and i think i saw a few ambers here and there. im not in a big hurry to harvest, just concerned about the leaves dying off, and i wanna flush 2 weeks b4 harvest. ive heard my strains take about 8 weeks to harvest but it seems like its taking longer. i just wanna time the flush right, and not let my buds die off with the rest of the plant.

    what would u guys do?

    ive made quite a few mistakes that i can say i learned from this grow, a great learning experience.
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    Hey dude, mistakes happen. But, hey it's just a weed, she'll forgive you.

    You need to start flushing now. With the trichs half cloudy you're prolly 2weeks away from harvest. Don't worry about the fan leaves yellowing, that's natural this late in the game. Also, don't look too much into the breeders recommended flowering times. Those times represent under optimal conditions. Under CFLs it's always gonna take a little longer than "as advertised".

  3. im a noob so i gotta ask... what qualifies as a fan leaf? is it just the really large one? or r the smaller ones that hang off the branches fan leaves too? cuz almost all of my laves r lookin a little yellow except the ones right on the buds

    thanks 4 ur advice
  4. Pretty much all leaves that aren't part of the buds are considered fan leaves. And like I said don't worry about the yellowing. Flowering is the last thing a cannabis plant does before it dies, so at this point your plant is only worried about making flowers so that it'll have a chance to breed, it cares nothing about personal survival.

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