when to harvest??

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  1. i had four plants two show to be female:hello: and their about 2nd or 3rd week into flowering. they are showing a nice amount of bud . i have been reading about trichomes and i dont really understand where to look for these on my plants. could anyone tell me whee i should be looking?
  2. No but your plants need to be flowering for at least six weeks or you will be cropping them before the buds have achieved their maximum density. What strain are they? some take 7 weeks, others up to 10. Look at the pistles (hairs) on the bud. A general indicator is when half are brown (from white). I have left mine in for an extra week this time. I took them down too early last time and it cost me 20% of the yield.
  3. The trichomes are the crystals or sugary glaze that (hopefully) will be covering your buds and also on much of the leaves and possibly even a bit on the stems. They start clear and eventually turn cloudy and then amber. Best time to harvest is something of a matter of taste, but the typical range is from when they are half clear and half cloudy up until they are 75% cloudy and 25% amber.

    To check the trichs, use clean and sharp scissors or toenail clippers or something, snip a tiny bit off a bud leaf (like half the size of a grain of rice or smaller if you can), take that snipped out of your grow space (away from the red-spectrum lighting that you should have on your flowering plants) and into normal lighting, put it onto a plain white piece of paper, and look at it with a microscope or jeweler's loupe (you want in the range of 25x-75x magnification). Radio Shack sells a pocket microscope for $10, a little unwieldy to use but a very worthwhile investment.

    MJ typically reaches peak harvest at 8-14 weeks into flowering, depending mostly on genetics. But, don't time your harvest based on the calendar or the color of the pistils, those are general parameters and potentially misleading for your particular grow. The trichs are where the THC is, so go only by them.

    Good luck.

    P.S. You said you had four plants and two are female, so presumably the other two were male. I hope you got those males out of there or they will pollinate your female buds and they will be full of seeds.

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