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  1. I posted here a few months back that i was growing 4 purple power plants in Ireland. I planted in late April this year. I Am a noobie still at this, so was hoping someone could take a look at my pics to give me an idea when i should be looking at harvesting.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


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  2. 50% amber 50 % clear
  3. your ladies look beautifull. the purple one looks like it could go for a lil while longer, that other one looks almost ready. im not sure of the season over there so i cant give you an absolut answer. but they look excellent. they say when half of the hairs start to change thats when they are most potent.
  4. Sorry to come across like a noobie but do you mean that you will have a mixture of white and amber hairs around the bud?? i was thinking of letting them go for another 5 weeks, as it is still pretty warm, and is only 12/12 light in the coming weeks?
  5. You're dead on, 4- 5 more weeks should be good. The trichomes should be amber and milky, don't harvest when they are clear, get at least 1/3 amber, and the rest will be milky white. The longer it goes, the more amber they will get. The trichomes are the little gooey balls that cover your buds, the shiny stuff. If you are outside, the light cycle is automatic, your girls are on pace to be done in time.

    Those appear to be two different strains and the lower pictures show a plant that is clearly going to harvest first, so watch it closely, with a 30x magnifier if you can find one. Start watching them now, so you can see the differences.

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