When to Harvest?!

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  1. Good evening GrassCity!

    We will be entering week 4 of flowering tomorrow afternoon. While we are familiar with the process of harvesting when the trichomes change colors and to flush etc...we are curious...what color/look will the trichomes have 10-14 days prior to peak harvest time? We want to know what to be looking for so we can begin our flush at that 10-14 day mark!

    We are in a 5x5 tent, 2400w of light via LED Viparspectre (bloom at 100% veg at 75%), DWC system. Our ph and ppm are constantly monitored and adjusted as needed. They are drinking right around 2.5 to 3 gallons per day now.

    We've added a few pics here as well to give you a better idea of where we are in the cycle. The whiter buds are Jack47 while the golden are Strawberry Banana.

    Thanks in advance! Happy harvesting :)
  2. From personal expreiance, time is different for different strains.
  3. At least 4-6 wks more depending on strain;
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  4. Nice Grow! Keeping the canopy even is the key! When you harvest it comes down to personal preference. some like to harvest at 75%-80% Cloudy to 15-20% amber and some like to harvest at 50/50 Cloudy to amber which is more of a narcotic high or couch lock high. Your going to need a Microscope or magnifying glass. In the near future.
    Good job!

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  5. Thank you so much for that chart! That's exactly what we were looking for! We are guessing about another 6ish weeks. Will be investing in one of those jeweler magnifying glasses soon. We have a couple microscopes but they are tricky to really get focused in and steady without damaging buds by pressing up on them etc.

    Thanks for the compliments...this is our first grow. We hoped we were doin something right ;)
    Thanks again!
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