When to harvest?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Taz421, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Two. 60 day old cheese autoflower In DWC buckets The seeds said 60 days. Well i think she needs a few weeks shes obviously not done i was just wondering how much longer they got left .? 20170720_113103.jpg
  2. A VERY long time.
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  3. Give us more info...lights, Nutes...anything else you'd want to add.

    Also, the other person is right. That plant looks like she is only about 1 week into flower. So about 7 more weeks to go.
  4. It's too early, but exactly how early I don't know. At least a few weeks. Do you have some sort of pocket microscope to inspect the trichomes? Those will tell you when it's ready.
  5. I never grew before n with how fast it grew i was hoping 1month n it would be finished i know it just started to flower i guess you cant go by the seed bank it said 60 days. Bur it a 1000 watt cool tube hps. Im running at 50% n its still hot in the closet 90-100° n the plant got so tall 1 cola is like a foot from the light n the light is all the way up now
  6. Maybe a month lookin like u don't have any amber hairs yet you still have a while

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  7. I would never go off a average time the breeder states. There will be genectics difference which sometimes fall out of the norm. Go by how the plant should look and is showing you signs she is ready. Although with clones in similar conditions they should be very close. If you cut her now you will be disappointed.
  8. lol pocket microscope, mate u miles off still another month
  9. One all the hairs turn from white to brown/red and recede i start looking at trichromes also the plant starts looking tired and spent and the buds do their final swelling.... hightemps are going to ruin some of your trichromes i keep it cool the last weeks
  10. You need the trichomes to be 70% milky 30% amber

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