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When to harvest??

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Lomz, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Looks like I would go two or three weeks more, or more. Then again I have never seen amber try's so early on. Personally I would not let them go beyond 25% either way. Those calyxs will swell alot and the leaves should be mostly all yellowing. It should look like its Autumn outside. Not Summer. Looks like you are on day 55-60. I'm on day 73 now and still have at least a few more days or more(and thats the afgan ww, the Jack herer is not anywhere close to done. It will probably go well over 80-90 days, not a single brown tricomb) I am just waiting to see some amber trycombs bustin. Hope this helps and hope you did not chop yet. But a follow up to your post either way is most important, for others to read and learn.
  2. I wouldn't harvest yet, quit feeding, and start flushing.

    Remember, don't look at the trichs on the fan leaves, only the bud.
  3. I would certainly wait. Trichome color is definitely the most accurate and scientific way to judge ripeness. However, judging from the dark green color of your plant in the picture, it looks as if your plant definitely needs to flush for at least another week to get those fan leaves yellowed and get some of the fertilizer/nutrient solution out of your plant and buds. If you were to harvest this plant with this much pigment left in it, you would get a much coarser smoke with a metallic aftertaste due to magnesium levels still being high. If you've put your plants into ripening, which seems to be the case with the amber trichomes, I would hustle to get it flushed so you can harvest. I run full water hydroponics in coco pebbles and flush by adding 2 tsp per gallon of Clearex and running it for 24 hours and then continued to top off with straight distilled water which has a PPM of 0-1. Flush yours for a minimum of a week to really try and get those nutes (and bad taste) out of your buds. Also, of course light cycle and nutrient solutions very rich in P and K hasten ripening. Obviously flushing will take care of any further nutrient-caused ripening. You should also keep your light cycle where it is and don't drop it any lower since ripening is already occurring. Hope this helps! And I hope I didn't screw any of that up!
  4. Did you pick those yet?
  5. Also remember to check the different branches specifically. Depending on where they are they can be more developed.

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