When to harvest, trichs are not turning amber!!!

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    Ive got a few plants and they have now been flowering for over 12 weeks, even though the breeder says that the flowering time is 8-10 weeks. The thing is, I still don't see any amber trichs. My question really is, I know that the trichs go from clear to milky to amber, however, what happens after they turn amber... I think on one of the plants some of the trichomes have their bulbous head missing...so im a bit worried that it went through the amber stage and the bulbous head disapeared afterwards, though i doubt it because i have only seen very very few amber trichs...I think because the grow room is at 20 degrees celsius, the plants might be maturing slower. What do you think, should i chop them or wait longer. the strains are morning glory and sweet tooth from barneys farm btw

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  2. It never hurts to let them go a little longer, but I think they are good to chop now.

  3. Doc. TexarkanaTim, is 100% correct. I'd trust his opinion.
  4. that plant is ripe,some strains will never show amber,cloudy is a good measuring stick,
  5. I second that, it's good to chop her down now!!!
  6. yeah man, your red on tha hair...thats a loose guide you should use.

    i dont pay much attention to trichs if the hairs arent burnt up yet....yours are, so your probably in that window of perfection.

    that said, some serious couchlock is fun from time to time, so its your call entirely
  7. yeah, i think ill chop at least 1 plant tonight. the hairs are about 70% orange, tho there is only 1% amber trichs :confused: But the plant has not changed in apearance in 10 days, so even tho there are no amber trichs, ill chop it down :devious:

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