When to harvest my AK and how much yield

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    My Ak-47 is in flowering and has been for about 8 to 10 weeks (dont quite remember when i started it). Its 32 inches tall and looks pretty good but doesnt seem like it has alot of bud on it. I have a few pictures that i posted. Just basically wondering how much my Ak should it should yield and when to harvest. Like i said its 32 inches and looks healthy.

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  2. Hard to say at this point.....timewise (8-10 weeks) it should be done, but it looks like it still has some filling out to do. I would hold out another couple of weeks.....a lot can happen in a short time period. They do look good and healthy, you have done it right!
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    1.) one or several nutes locked out

    2.) probably rootbound

    3.) nowhere near enough light/proper light/properly placed light

    take your pick :smoke:
  4. Well then explain to me the proper lighting and position. I dont have tons of money to throw around considering the fact that im in college. For 5 lights in my closet id say i did pretty good. Cant really let it get bigger cause i need my closet :smoke:

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