When to harvest and flush?

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    My vanilla kush is coming to its end and I am not sure exactly when I should start to flush it with only ph water (I heard it taste bad without a flush).

    I also would like to know exactly how long do I flush it for before harvest, when should I harvest it, and if I should use a salt leaching solution like clearex salt leaching or just ph water.

    Here is a pic

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  2. Check your trich and just b4 there the colors you like start your flush. I flush for 10 days myself with final phase on the last 2. But some pepole flush longer or shorter and use other products like florakleen you will have to find a time and a product that you like with your strain. But for my VK thats what I did.

  3. what do you mean final phase on the last 2?
  4. I use final phase in for the last two days (48 hours) of flushing.

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