When to grow cannabis outdoors?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by StonedBuddha, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. SWIM lives in Madrid, Spain. He's thinking about growing cannabis outdoors because he won't be able to grow it indoors. Would it be a waste planting cannabis outdoors in late September? SWIM knows that the days will get shorter and shorter, and that the best time to plant it is in Spring.
  2. If he wants advice he should ask here so we can tell him that saying SWIM is silly and that planting in September is silly.
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  3. I thought so too. SWIM just ran out of options for growing weed so he wanted to know if it woulb be worth it to plant in September. The days will get shorter, it will rain a lot but the temperature never gets too low. I mean, an autoflower would be ready to harvest when the winter comes.
  4. You could do an autoflower. Personally I avoid them but it's better than no bud at all :) Good luck with your growing endeavors.
  5. I don't like autoflowers too. They're significantly less potent, the yield is smaller too and the price per seed is kind of high. I guess SWIM will try a feminized seed which flowers fast.
    You seem to have some experience, do you think that it will be worth it? SWIM wishes at least 50g per plant, in a plant that yields on average 500g. I just don't want them to die :/
  6. Come on dude...don't try to be elusive here or anything. This is a pot growing forum. LOL It depends on the climate in Spain. I've never been there before and know nothing about the growing season. It's way too late to start plants here because the hours of light have thrown what is growing into bud and there isn't enough light left to control the veg time on your plants. But if Spain's climate is such that the temps don't get too low, then dive in. An outdoor grow has to have over 12 hours of light to keep a plant in veg. When the hours of light (detectable light...it has to be a certain level before the plant picks it up) drop after the summer solstice occurs, it reaches the point where it throws the plants into flower and the rest of the growing season is spent producing buds. But it all depends on how the growing season works in Spain.
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  7. The temps will not get below 50 degrees farenheit until next year, the rain will be abundant in October/November and the day lenght will drop from 12h to 11h at the end of this month. I guess SWIM will have to go with an auto :/
  8. @StonedBuddha
    50 F is plenty warm enough to grow outside at any time of year.. I'm In Southern California with much the same temps and I can pull off a flowering anytime of the year.. The trick is to have either an indoor veg spot or a space shaded enough from the flowering plants to not disturb them.. ( only applies if doing both at once )
    It doesn't take a lot of light to keep a plant in veg you just have to figure out a plan that'll work for your situation..
    A simple shaded CFL in a clamp light is enough.. Even a back porch light left on all night can be enough if it's bright enough..
    This solar powered dusk till dawn 70 lumen light was enough to hold several plants in veg in late fall for a winter run..
    Once I got my veg part figured out the rest fell into place..
    T5 high output fluorescents on 24-0 get the vegging done in a falling down garden shed that glows at night like aliens are working inside..
  9. @BrassNwood I bet that would work if SWIM had a space to do that. SWIM will grow weed on a foreign land near his house and won't be able to give plants any artificial light, in anyway, because someone can spot it if there's a light.
  10. When someone other than you has a question I'd be happy to answer it.
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  11. Lol you just answer to what you want mate ;)

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