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when to grind up buds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greathan, May 29, 2009.

  1. usually i carry my backpack with my bud/grinder/other smoking implements and grind up my bud as needed. one of my buddies grinds all his bud up right when he gets it. is there any reason to either grind up weed early or keep buds intact other than convenience/preference? (does one way keep it fresher?)
  2. I don't see how it would keep it fresher not grinding it, but i could be wrong. it's probably just a more convenient thing for him to do.
  3. If he has a screen in his buster then it is a good way to collect kief, but it doesn't keep the weed fresh. If you want it fresh, then bust it before toking
  4. I use my grinder ALL the time but I don't go and grind my entire sack as soon as I buy it. I'm not sure if grinding it will really affect how fresh it is later but I usually like to think that it will stay fresher in the bag than in my grinder. That and I have no room for all my weed to go into one grinder.

    If you're gunna smoke, take a nug or two and grind it. When you grind weed, it burns a little better and also packs better into bowls and what not.

    I really don't think it matters though. I've smoked week old, leftover shreds from my grinder and they still get me high.
  5. Well if its kind of moist and you like your bud a little most then a big nug would be more moist over a period of time then small nugs because the surface area of the big nug is less and so the inside will be moist whereas grinded up bud with dry up quicker because of more exposed surface area. Also grinded up bud with loose more keif because more of the surface touches things such as your plastic baggies and such. If you grind up your bud to collect keif and then roll them into a joint/blunt or put it in a container that is always used then you would not have much 2 worry about. Take care and happy token:smoking::wave:
  6. I use a vaporizer so i like my weed to be really dry. So what i like to do is grind it up and put it out to dry overnight before i smoke it.

    For smoking i use to grind it up right when id get it. I liked my weed to be dry, but not to dry, so that it could hold a cherry and ididnt burn through it so fast.
  7. Faster way to get keif I suppose. I find its easier to split it with a friend evenly if its grinded.

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