when to go 18/6

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sosogrow, Mar 6, 2023.

  1. i currently have some seedlings in solo cups was going to wait another week to transplant they are currently under 24 hour light when should i start 18/6?
  2. You've been growing for nearly 3 years.......:rolleyes:
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  3. whenever you want man.
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  4. Now Like as in last week.
    I have tried 24 hours per day but 18/6 works good
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  5. The auto flowering seeds you can go 24/7 from seedling to harvest.
    Really 24/7 or 18/6 for veg is your choice. again i prefer 18/6 from day 1
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  6. Seedlings in theory are not light aware for about the first month. As a general rule I don't like or advise messing with veg light cycle. Set it and forget it. Pick one and stick with it. 24-0 myself.

  7. You can run 18 one day 24 the next. Back to 18 back to 24. forever . No difference . 18vs 24 I like 24 for auto and photo. Auto 24 until they start flowering then 18/6 Speeds up the flowering . Photo i want my weed and i want it now ! lol. 24 veg faster then 18. Plants do not grow in the dark only .STRETCH.
    Autos you can run 12.12 after they start to flower i do . same yields .Faster finish . Only if you have plenty of light .
    And yes its very strange you have been growing for a long time poster ? This is setting up red flags . I do not like red flags. LOL what i tell my rent a whore girls . I see red flags your not moving in! STD test first
  8. i am just taking advice then going with the majority rule is all i usually grow from clone 18/6 from root but with seeds it is different and i just like asking questions to keep you guys busy i have been growin since early 2020 when covid hit i started never grew anything or even saw a plant up close before then all learning was done by reading and trial and error plenty of error lol a5.jpg IMG_20221004_104540939.jpg a7.jpg a9.jpg t3.jpg
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