When to give Autos nutes if I even should?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MikaAsa, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Strains:

    1x AUTO Sugar Mango Ryder (11 days from seed)

    1x AUTO Afghan Kush Ryder (12 days from seed)

    1x AUTO NYCD (has not sprouted)


    •Dyna-Gro Grow



    •Hydrogaurd (enhanced Aquashield)

    When do I start feeding them 1/4 strength?
  2. Its kinda hard to answer your question without knowing the medium you are growing in (soil, soiless, etc)
    If it is soil....which soil are you using?
    All soil is different....EXAMPLE: Fox farms has - Ocean Forest (high in nutes) but Happy frog has ( low nutes)
    A general rule of thumb is.......2 weeks after sprouting or when the 1st set of the lil oval leaves turn yellow - in the seedling stage ...those lil leaves provide all the grow power until the roots are strong enough to uptake from the soil
  3. I found skipping the grow/veg nutes altogether works best on autos. Once there on the second or third set of leaves give them flowering nutes at 1/4 for a couple of weeks before moving up to half strength. Why cal/mag? Are you using RO/distilled water?
  4. This was in soil grows, no hydro experience
  5. Soil. Compost mix.
  6. Distilled. I keep it just in case.
  7. I am growing Auto's for my first time in  DWC. I introduced Nutes about a week into the growth and they loved it! I am growing Nirvana Jock Horror and Bubblelicious. http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/1331428-my-first-grow.html
    I am using Dyna Grow and it works awesome! The only problem I had was a Calcium Def about a week ago and I got some CalMag and it cleared it right up. I started with 4ml/gallon and each rez change I bumped it up 1 ml until I maxed out at 8ml. They recommended 8-12ML per gallon but from my experience and from what I have read always use the lower end of the recommended dosage.
    Like I said My Auto's LOVE the nutes!!! But some might experience different results. This is just my experience. 
  8. Expensive option, pH'd tap water does the job fine...
  9. True. But eh. Gets the job done.
  10. autos are very sensitive to nute burn....If you think the soil is heavily composted - wait until 3 weeks to feed 1/4 grow nutes.
    Then hold off bloom nutes until the end of the 6th week - introduce those at 1/4 strength and then work your way up (if they could handle the increase)
  11. With any decent soil, I don't feed until week three or four depending on the size of the plant. I normally give one or two feedins of veg formula during the transition, then switch to bloom nutes.

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