When to flush before harvest.

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  1. I Know your supposed to flush 2 weeks before harvest but how do you know for sure. I don't have a magnifying glass or any of the usual tools growers use but I notice on some of the buds the white hairs are starting to turn browner. Here are some pics. I know the leaves are yellowing and it's a small plant. The soil is bad and had a buddy take care of her over spring break. Regardless the buds smell great and the leaves are covered. Thanks guys.


  2. Loooong way to go mate. None i repeat NONE of those white hairs should remain. They gotta turn brown tgen recede back into the buds.

    I think you got weeks still to go. Those look like 3 week flower tops 4 weeks.
    Pot takes like 8 weeks minimum. And even thats too early for most strains. Some go up to 13 weeks. Or longer
  3. Ok awesome I just wanted to be sure! Cheers
  4. Np. Give em another month. Youll know. They scream harvest me!!
  5. And the best news of the night. They gonna get bigger!!! :)
  6. Haha great news! What about nutes? Should I give them any?
  7. Looks nice what kinda strain is it?
  8. I actually found it in a bag of some dank my buddy had. We didnt plan on growing but we had never seen a seed from such good ganja. had no choice :rolleyes: It smells nice and its really sticky. The only thing is my soil is really taking away from the plant. Thats why my leaves are yellowing. I cheaped out and got general potting soil. As long as it smokes Ill be happy. Its my first plant. I even LSTed it and that worked well.
  9. Here's an update. What do you guys think?


  10. MMM COld weather purple! They look fruity.. invest in a jewelers loupe. YOu can get em offline for cheap as hell. Get a 40x scope. Growers have their preferences, but use the loupe to look at your trichomes (the little crystal things on your buds). I harvest when im around 20-30% amber trichs. Milky white and fat is prime time for potency.. amber symbolizes are deterioration of em. Easiest way to tell how far along a plant is. Jewlers loupe.
  11. I bought a 60 to 100% scope and some buds are more along than others. But the thing that I'm weary about is there are still white hairs. Shouldnt I wait till they are completely brown?
  12. You can chop the buds with no white hairs and leave the others growing until no white hairs remain then chop those as well.
  13. A few white hairs may remain if the trichs say its ready.

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