When to flush and how??

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by drew425, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Sorry im sure this has been covered ten times over. I actually did do a search and couldn't quite find the excat answer I was looking for so here it goes.........How long before harvest should I start flushing my plants and what is the recommended procdedure? I know im quite a ways off at 39 days, but im a newb and wnat to be prepared. Thanks GC
  2. Hi I'm going to start flushing mine 2 weeks b4 I'm ready to harvest. I'm more than positive that it dependent on how, media used and other vitals! I'm on my first grow myself and have taken a lot of info off gc which has helped loads its just tricky to find :)
  3. Yes GC has definitely been a lot of help for me in my first grow as well as lots of reading and research. I have been using fox farm nutes which I started close the end of my vegging and all through flowering so far. I am growing in soil, thanks
  4. I think that in soil flushing does little due to it been soil but still to at least try. Again untill I do soil grow then I can't really backup what I say! I've heard a lot bout foxfarm what are u thinkin bout it?
  5. FF seems pretty good so far. I notcied that when using the right ammount my plants seem to respond well. I cut back to about 1/4 the strength of FF feeding schedule as their recommended dosage seems too strong.
  6. I have heard that even in the plants prime stage the FF nutes have to be watered down abit. Mind u I see that with other nutes aswell.

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