When to flush and harvest (white widow)

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  1. Hi, i need some advice. I am two weeks away from harvest and this is my first grow. The strain i am using is white widow.
    How many of the trichomes should be milky when flushing?
    How strong should the magnifing class be when looking at the trichomes?
    How long should the dark period be for the white widow strain?, i herd it requires a long dark period. Thanks in advance for replys
  2. Don't buy into that dark period shit just chop when lights first come on
  3. Dark period and flushing are both myths and do little to nothing besides giving you something else to worry about. You will probably still want to find out for yourself though but take heart in knowing its hard to screw up a placebo. One way you can defiantly screw things up though is to flush for to long before your harvest, plants need nutes to grow and two weeks of starving your plants in their peak grow period is to much.

    I also stopped judging my harvest by tricome color a long time ago. I always go 60-70 days unless it is noted as a super quick finish strain. I judge by my calaxes now, when they swell and look like they want to burst then they are done. I also give an extra week beyond what I think by visually judging they are done, the extra week of ripeness seems to do a lot more for flavor and smell than a flush. That's only my opinion though.
  4. ^^ I'm sorry but i have to politely disagree with you Donkieez, flush is not a myth. You want those babys too yellow out including those little sugar leaves closer up to the bud.
    I like to flush about a month before harvest and i really think it does make a difference!! I like to take the hose to em and give em a good watering till it runs out the bottom *Just water n a good soaking of it * every few days as nessacary.
    I have noticed not only does it burn cleaner, it tastes way nicer. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but i dont really want to smoke what i fed to my plants. I have smoked pot before that doesn't even burn right *hiss & sizzle*. Flushing is far from myth just a heads up :wave:
    Well flushed nug example- [​IMG]
  5. Dark period just forces good colors but flushing period is a important health factor. Try leaving all your nutes in the buds and smoke it. Vs properly flushed buds.
  6. so when is a good time to flush and how ling does it take for an avarage plant to flush out all its nutes and when can u tell, over watering or some sign in the trichs or even the leaves? something ive been brewing in my head for a while idk when the best time is cause everythings different in different strains thanks


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