When to flower?

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  1. So my 3 babies are about 1 month old now and, despite some noob mistakes (topping way too early after the 3rd node) are showing their first 2 sets (because theyre topped) of 5 leaf patterns...

    If I count all the nodes past the cotelydon leaves (the ones with 1 leaf or 3 leaves), each plant has its 5th and 6th node coming in now. theyre all between 3 and 5 inches tall now but fairly bushy looking from the topping.

    My question is: When can I start flowering? Keep in mind that I need these plants to be as small as possible, harvest as soon as possible (even if that means sacrificing yield...

    I'm waaaay too paranoid to push these things too long. Besides, my growing was more of a "personal use, but mostly just to see if i could do it" kind of thing...so im not looking for much bud off these bagseed things.

    I was maybe thinking of starting flowering in a few days to a week...does that seem feasible, if a little early? Or is that just a big no no?
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    4-6 weeks veg and 8 weeks flower. thats if you want max yeild. the plant can go to flower anytime after about 2 weeks

    the way I am set up is 2 weeks rooting, 8 weeks veg and 8 weeks flower.
  3. Oh...so its ok to start flowering now? Keep in mind these were fairly stunted due to my idiotic topping scheme...

    theyre growing in red plastic "party" cups now, but i'll be transplanting very soon...ive got about 60 watts of cfl on them now...
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    yea it fine to, its very much YOUR choise on when to flower you can ever flower from seed(tho not really recommended) most growers choose when to flower by size which makes it hard for people say say oh veg for X amount of weeks, just take into consideration that they will typically atleast double in size when flowering(but its common to go triple the size!), a good idea is to flower them when their just under half the size of your space to allow for this jump in size

    ps you mentioned transplanting, best thing would be to get this done befor putting them into flower, also you will need some more light still, even though you are only going for a smaller yeild

    good luck dude!:hello:
  5. Well I just transplanted them into larger makeshift pots (about 3-5 times more soil volume...i figure thats probably good enough)...ill probably start flowering over the weekend or monday...depending on how well those last nodes have come in.

    Pics to come perhaps...
  6. lets see some!!!
  7. your plants still have a while to veg.

    You need either way more light, or to put your plants into a box. Compared to on a desk on the side of the room. The box will contain the light to a smaller space making the light more intense. If you dont use a box the light tends to not be as effective.

    If you flower now my guess is you will only get around 9-14 grams.

    Evil. :smoke:

  8. thats actually about what i want...I know i could go for more but i really dont want to push this closet grows luck, ill have a better setup next time. Is that 9-14 grams assuming that 1 or 2 of the plants are female? because i highly doubt all 3 will be fem.

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