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  1. This is my 1st grow, I'm starting with the pineapple express from g13.

    How can I tell when to move these from the veg room to the flower room?
  2. There is no specific time to start flowering. You could start it at 12 inches if you want, I'm letting mine get a nice 2 to 3 feet before I start the flower cycle. Remember that they will double to triple in size in flowering as well, so make sure you have adequate room if space is an issue.
  3. Is it possible to let them veg too long? If so, what are the signs?
  4. it will just continue to grow untill the roots are to big for the pot or there isn't enough light or food. just remember it will dbl to triple in size when you flower it. Im gona start to flower in a few weeks. wish my luck.
  5. I let mine get to a foot and a half. There is no written in stone rule.

    As long as they are over a foot tall you should be fine like falling says.

    Good luck and good growing.
  6. You can go to flower whenever you want, but the plant does have its own biological clock that it wants to follow. you can tell when the plant is ready for sexual maturity when you see alternating nodes, usually at 4-6 weeks into veg.
  7. True true - I should have stated that the reason I let them get to that particular height is that I am using 600 watt HPS lights and that is what works best for me. I still get good light penetration when all is said and done. It all depends on the circumstances and what you are using.

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