When to flower?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by silent1, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. Today is exactly one month since I put the seeds under the paper towel. The plants look great. I still need to get the watering thing down as one of my plants droops a little. Anyway, when I should I force them to flower? Should I wait for them to reach a certain height (they are about 10 - 11 inches), or should I use a timeline?

    Also, I haven't done any pruning/topping/training yet either. I have more vertical space than horizontal since they're in a closet. Once I have them sexed, I'll transfer the females to 3 gallon pots.
  2. you are on the right track, no pruning needed first time, get to know how the plant grows, the plant will approx uble in size after 12/12, so keep that in mind, a mature MJ plant will also have staggered branches, so watch for that!!! Good luck!!!
  3. give htem some sort of training it wont hurt and isnt hard at all. i go by the KISS meathod but toping/training is excluded because its a no brainer and you can dramaticly increase your yeild. At least give them a topping.

    How many plants, what strain plants, how big of a space (LxWxH), and what kind of light(S)?

    Ive never seen any plant have stagered brances besides side shoots or clones beacus they are side shoots. my plants veged for ~2.5 months and they finished with non-altrenating nodes on the main stems.
  4. what do you mean by stagered branchers ???
  5. mine are currently about 61/2 feet tall and are only 4 weeks into flowering, have bent them over now, not showing any buds yet so a while to go yet, luckily I got another foot of space

    looking forward to this crop (northern lights by the way


  6. i believe staggered branches means that the branches are exiting the main stem alternately, like one on this side then the next on the other side etc. yknow, not from the same point, like when theyre real small.

    i think its what it means.....lol
  7. you can go by the week or the height. i went by the weeks. i went to 12/12 end of week 5. plants were 12-14inches. since i trained them, all bottom growth shoots shot out (alternating) to produce stems that contain decent size budz. your horizontal space will be effected for sure, so will vertical. plants will double in size. :)
  8. Well mine are about 12 inches tall now (some higher). I've been training them since the weekend, and the shoots are definitely growing. Since I'll be away this weekend, I will switch to 12/12 on Monday. That way I can monitor them everyday in case a male pops up. And I am 90% sure I have 2 of them - hopefully no more than that.

    I'll post pics up on Monday right before I switch the bulbs - kinda like a last veg pic, if you will. :)
  9. All of my plants have stggered nodes, and i usually grow from seed as i feel the yeild as well as the health of the plant is greatly increased, are you sure you have never had alt. nodes grower??? That is really odd, as this is a sign of a mature plant. Alternating nodes just means that the branches come out at different heights rather than directly across from one another.
  10. now tha i look back at my pics the main cola did have alternating nodes. My bad...
  11. what is training the plant mean?
  12. what does training ur plant mean?
  13. you bend over your plant so instead of the top growth tip growing the most the auxins (growth regulators) go the the lower nodes and the lower growth shoot out. normal sativas grow like a christmas tree but trained plants grow like a bush or a table or a wall or a square.... just about any shape you want beacuse you tie all the branches where you want them for best lighting.

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