When To Flower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Grumbledore, May 20, 2013.

  1. So I've managed to germinate and get my babies into a fairly stable veg stage but cannot decide whether they are ready for flowering

    This is my first grow and I want to make sure that when I bud them I'm not going to come across any unexpected problems.

    So my question is whether my plants are strong enough to produce a good 1 or 2 oz of MJ each (though I realise that the amount of light they receive will ultimately determine the yield)

    I had problems with them in early veg and seedling stage in that the were either under or over fed, or both and some of the bottom fan leaves died and some can't support themselves and haven't grown, since over/under feeding occurred

    If the leaves at the bottom can't hold themselves and havent showed signs of growth wht can I expect from the lower bud sites?

    A couple of nodes up the plant appears healthy and growing fast but still seems extremely twiggy and (in my novice opinion) I doub will support much bud. Can I expect the plant to strengthen up during flowering or how can I combat the weak twigs

    P.s I'm using budlink silica mix to promote thick stems and branches but not getting the results I was expecting
  2. Thin branches can be combated by adding a fan to lightly stress the plants, encouraging thicker stem growth. Also pinching the stems lightly will promote knuckling. Without knowing your lights I can't tell you if that's the problem but if you are rocking out with CFL's or something you can't expect a tree-trunk. But the plant is made to hold flowers so don't worry that the stems will just grow huge fat buds and topple, more than likely in a CFL setup you'll get some pretty airy (though possibly crystally) shit.
    You can flower anytime but usually wait until the plant shows pistils on the main stem nodes. Once she starts shooting hairs she is ready to go, but again you can wait as little or long as you like. As a new grower some of the fun is guessing the stretch that will happen in flower etc. Do not wait too long however and get a plant growing into your lights etc.

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